Tagget med 2024

Hvorfor har vi ikke minstelønn i Norge?

7 views 22. april 2024

Professor Rune Halvorsen forklarer hvorfor vi ikke har lovfestet minstelønn i Norge.

A short introduction to the Master's programme Nordic Social Policy and Global Sustainable...

48 views 15. april 2024

Professor Randi Wærdahl explains why you should apply for the master’s programme.

How to test for mono

15 views 15. april 2024

Diagnostic tests for infectious mononucleosis.

Quantitative and Qualitative Research Designs

17 views 15. april 2024

Here are several examples of research designs, and what they typically are used for.

Comparison in statistics

15 views 15. april 2024

How to make comparisons in statistics. Different approaches.

Statistical approaches

11 views 15. april 2024

Based on variables and research question, there are several statistical approaches. Here we look at Comparison, Regression, Corrolation, and Estimation.

Variables in statistics

11 views 15. april 2024

Variables have different traits. They can be metric or categorical with different sub-traits: Continuous, dichotomous, discrete, nominal, ordinal.

Descriptive statistics

14 views 15. april 2024

How do we describe variables in statistics? This two minute video will give you some examples.

Standard Deviation

13 views 15. april 2024

A quick explanation of Standard deviation in statistics.

Allmøte 19.mars 2024

93 views 19. mars 2024

Kjøp Bærekraftig: Sånn er kurset

78 views 7. mars 2024

Kristin Reichborn-Kjennerud forklarer hva du kan lære og forvente av Kjøp Bærekraftig-kurset. Et kurs for ledere og mellomledere om bærekraftig innkjøp i offentlig sektor. Gratis og åpent tilgjengelig på x.oslomet.no (våren 2024).