A meeting with Zygmunt Bauman

Published 2019

Wikipedia: "Zygmunt Bauman (19 November 1925 – 9 January 2017) was a Polish sociologist and philosopher. He was one of the world's most eminent social theorists, writing on issues as diverse as modernity and the Holocaust, postmodern consumerism and liquid modernity."

Each of the four segments in this film were taped in Leeds, England in the home of Zygmunt and Janina Bauman, on november 13th and 14th 1999.

  • Pre-Modern/Modern/Post-Modern
  • On the Nature of Crime
  • The Changing Mood
  • On Morality

Larry Young asked the questions and Bjørn Riiser did the filming. Both were faculty members of Oslo University College at the time.

Wikipedia: "Zygmunt Bauman (19. november 1925 – 9. januar 2017) var ein polsk sosiolog og filosof. Bauman var ein av dei aller fremste samfunnsteoritakarane i verda, med verk om så åtskilde emne som modernitet, holocaust, forbrukarsamfunn og seinmoderne samfunn."

Alle opptakene var gjort i Leeds, England, hjemme hos Zygmunt og Janina Bauman, november 13. og 14., 1999. Larry Young intervjuet og Bjørn Riiser filmet. De var begge ansatt ved Høgskolen i Oslo på denne tiden.