2 of 3 Ifla 2020 March 5th - Day one - After lunch

Published 2020

Library Publishing Programs: Case Studies

  1. Small but Mighty: How a Team of Four Administers a Robust Library Publishing Program - Sue Anne Gardner - University of Nebraska-Lincoln (USA)
  2. Heading for the Open Science – experience of LUT Publishing House - Katarzyna Weinper - Publishing House of Lublin University of Technology (Poland)
  3. Vienna University Press (VUP) and Its Publications - Markus Stumpf - Vienna University Library (Austria)
  4. Publishing in the Public Library in Serbia - Goran Trailović - City Library of Pančevo (Serbia)
  5. On the public library as publisher - Mikael Böök - (Finland)
  6. Questions

Library Publishing Services

  1. Evaluation of OA-journals – the role for the library
- Lars Egeland - Oslo Metropolitan University (Norway)
  2. Support for Good Peer Review
- Solveig Enoksen – University Library of UiT- The Arctic University of Norway (Norway)
  3. Library Publishing and Accessibility
- Talea Anderson - Washington State University (USA)
  4. Questions